Austgen Electric has extensive experience in the data field. Austgen Electric capabilities include Category Five Fiber Optics, various types of LANs or WANs, as well as Moves, Adds and Changes on existing older Cabling Systems. Uniterruptable Power Systems (UPS), Continuous Power Systems (CPS), Rotary Equipment, High and Medium Voltage Distribution Systems, Emergency Generating Equipment, Voice/Data Cable, Fiber Optic’s, etc are all common names associated in the technology industry and Austgen Electric has expertise to offer in all of these areas. Our full-service capabilities also include electrical design and installation. To further service our customers, our telecommunications sector can implement the installation of local exchange carrier lines to your job-site or place of business. We can also configure and install routers, hubs, switches, networking cable, local area networks, wide area networks and virtual private networks. We also offer consulting and implementation services such as design, layout, space utilization, telephone wiring and troubleshooting.
Fiber Optics
Multi-mode, single mode or composite cables can be installed and terminated whether it’s inside plant or outside plant. With our extensive services in local area networks, wide area networks, Internet Applications, hubs, switches, routing equipment and converters Austgen’s can provide a one stop shop for all your fiber optic needs.